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In the times that we are living, we are all looking for a beautiful success story that reminds us how fantastic it is to dream aloud and to effect change. One of those success stories is the one that Madeleine and Barbara Martinez have been experiencing in the last years. A series of chance encounters, life changing decisions, and risks have made all the difference.

In 2013, Maddie and Barbie, together with their family, had to move to Cayo. Initially when they went to Cayo, Maddie was supposed to enroll in her last year of junior college, while Barbie intended to enroll in nursing school but because of the move, the girls found themselves together in the same class, both enrolled in the same business program. The decision of being practical and completing that program opened many doors for these amazing girls.

After completing their Associate’s Degree, their individual decisions marked the path that each would take and little did they know that these decisions would make all the difference. Maddie had an innate penchant for makeup artistry and this was greatly appreciated by her family and peers. In 2015, her cousin asked her to do her makeup and then a friend would constantly ask her to also do her makeup. It was then that she realized that what was ‘just a hobby’ was something that she could truly pursue as a career, and she took a risk. She came across an ad for a makeup course and she paid for it with her credit card, knowing that she was not sure whether it was real and not a scam. Fortunately, the gamble paid off, and she received her material and began the course.

While Maddie began pursuing her career, her parents gave both girls the choice to decide who would pursue a Bachelor's Degree at Galen University. The girls decided that Barbie would enroll and pursue that degree. With this choice, their destiny was marked. Barbie did really well, and as a result she was chosen as an ambassador for the university and given the opportunity to be part of an exchange program in Canada. This experience in Canada gave her the opportunity to grow and excel in Business. Upon returning to Belize, Barbie had to prepare a business plan. She had always been very intrigued by the lash business, so it was not surprising that she opted to prepare her business plan for a lash production enterprise. Barbie did all the groundwork and she presented her plan. During this time, Barbie was unable to execute the plan because she realized that she needed capital in order to carry out the production, but she never gave up on it. Barbie graduated Cum Laude with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with concentration in Marketing, and she began to work. All of this was happening for the foundation of what would become their dream and business.

In retrospect, the path was being paved for all that would eventually come to fruition. In December of 2017, Maddie’s uncle gave her as a gift, a trip to Los Angeles. Maddie took this opportunity to not only go sightseeing, but rather she enrolled in a course at the TNT Agency, a makeup school that she had been following on Instagram for quite some time. She successfully completed the course and this opportunity opened many doors for her. In 2018, she was invited to participate as a makeup artist at the Latin Grammy Awards, and The Latin American Music Awards. This participation and her independent makeup services helped to build her reputation as a makeup artist and established her own business, Makeup by Maddie, and while she has had to pause her makeup services as a result of COVID-19, Maddie has been busy not only with the company, but also because she is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business.

Both girls were now working and they made a decision together. They would revisit Barbie’s Lash production business plan. They began to save in order to prepare for the execution of the business plan. On February 14th 2020, they launched their first three lash styles, and the adventure began.

Their adventure has been a roller coaster because their company was very young when COVID-19 became rampant. While they have faced many challenges, they have kept on working on their product and their company. They have dedicated a lot of time, creativity, and effort, and it has paid off. They have a healthy demand for their high quality product, and they have become a team of creative, business savvy entrepreneurs.

In September of 2020, they were also able to register their company as MB COSMETICS BZ. The demand for their products, and their innovation enabled them to add in October of 2020, 4 new styles of lashes, a glue liner, a brush set, a makeup mixing palette tool set, and spatula to their line of products. Their company is ever growing and they have many product ideas lined up. They have been able to adapt to the changing times and makeup needs in order to give their customers the opportunity to access high quality products in order to recreate beautiful makeup at home.

These wonderful entrepreneurs are very excited because of the new ideas they are exploring. They are presently working towards getting licenses that would enable them to sell their products in international markets. Their work is never ending and they are definitely breaking barriers. In fact, at the moment, they are thrilled to announce to their customers that they have many collaborations lined up which give them the opportunity to offer more wonderful products.

Maddie and Barbie have dreamed aloud and have taken risks, and have fearlessly pursued their goals in an industry that is very competitive. They are beating the odds, and they tell everyone to never give up because everything happens at the moment when it should. Every experience has a process and while many believe that it is a cliche, the truth is that it is important to trust the process, and to work hard for those dreams, even the most far fetched ones.
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